Mila Kunis ‘not converting to Kabbalah’ despite going to services with Kutcher


Although it’s not yet official, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are dating. The two have been seen all over the world and have been acting as a legit couple.

In fact, the two have been so serious, that Kutcher even took Kunis to some of the High Holiday Kabbalah ceremonies, as he is an avid Kaballah follower since his days of being married to Demi Moore.

However, despite the fact that the two attended Kabbalah ceremonies together, a source close to the two told Bang Showbiz that Kunis was only there to show support for her boyfriend.

Ashton is very serious about keeping Kosher. His team call ahead wherever he goes “to make sure he won’t have a problem because there are also a number of foods he won’t eat,” said the source, adding, “So far Mila hasn’t followed suit and has never made any dietary requests like Ashton.”

An eyewitness to the ceremony added, ”The men and women were separated (during the service), but Ashton always smiled at her. They were clapping and praying. She was taking it all in.”

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