Former DNC vice chairwoman on Hagel: “Mr President, isn’t there anyone else?”


Susan Turnbull is a stalwart of both the Democratic and Jewish communities; she currently chairs Jewish Women International, and has in the recent past chaired the Maryland Democratic Party and served as deputy and then vice-chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

(She is also gracious: In 2008, standing on the stage at the Denver convention, she spotted me and Eric Fingerhut seated up in the ethnic press gallery — i.e. the boondocks — and grinned and waved at us. So yes, I have a bias toward her person, independent of her politics.)

So now that it looks like Chuck Hagel might get the presidential nod for defense secretary as early as tomorrow, what does it mean when she posts the following on her Facebook page:

Calling a group "the Jewish lobby" is the equivalent of anti-semitism 2.0. His knee jerk views are often worrisome. Just my humble opinion…..sorry Mr. President – isn’t there anyone else?

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