Axelrod: Hagel is “what we need.”


There’s plenty of buzz out there that the Obama administration will announce its nomination of Chuck Hagel for defense secretary tomorrow.

Here’s the strongest evidence I’ve seen so far that it’s a sure thing.

David Axelrod no longer works as a top aide to the White House — he left that post to help run Obama’s reelection campaign, and now the campaign is over.

But he would not essentially tell the world Hagel is the pick if he did not know for certain it is true — and that’s just what he did in three tweets, one pointedly positing Hagel’s pro-Israel bonafides.

Here they are:

Attacks on Hagel r bogus. He’s tough, courageous, sensible & able to withstand political pressure to do what’s right for USA. What we need!

McConnell was right a few years aho when he called Hagel "a great statesmen."

And supporters of Israel, of which I am one, also make a huge mistake by depicting Hagel as hostile. No such evidence in his record.

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