Meet Lindsay Lohan’s Israeli boyfriend


הישראלי החדש שלה. לינדזי לוהן ואבי סנו (צילום: splashnews)

The world’s biggest mean bad girl is apparently dating an Israeli man.

Lindsay Lohan, who’s been in and out of court since forever, is reportedly dating Avi Snow, an American-born 24-year-old who made aliyah at 15 and served in the IDF.

Snow is the guitarist of the rock band “City of the Sun,” and recent paparazzi reports connected the two together, something that even surprised Snow himself, “Until the photos were published I did not know we were together; it’s very new,” Snow told Ynet.

“We met through mutual friends, but at first we were just friends,” he says. “With time it developed. It does not thrill me that much that I’m dating Lindsey. I’m dating her because she is a great girl.”

Snow is not Lohan’s first Israeli significant other. In the summer of 2010, she was dating an Israeli woman named Eilat Anschel. Snow says that Lohan has “only good things to say about Israel. She supports us and even told me she plans to visit Israel.”

Is that a good thing? Not sure.

Nevertheless, Snow doesn’t seem to mind that she keeps getting in trouble. “It’s not as though Lindsay has not made mistakes, but we all do. A lot of her image is the media’s fault; they need to sell it in order to sell papers. Not everything people hear or read about Lindsay is true. Lindsay is really a great girl, otherwise I wouldn’t be dating her.”

Lohan, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind that Snow is Israeli and Jewish (parallels, people). And neither does her mother. “I don’t think she minds that I’m Jewish or Israeli,” Snow says, “actually, I don’t think it bothers anyone that I’m Jewish and Israeli.”


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