Seth Rogen talks Hebrew school, Canadian Jews with Marc Maron


In what is probably the most satisfying stop on their promotional tour for the film “This Is the End,” Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg sit down with Marc Maron for today’s (extra Jewy) episode of his WTF podcast.

Maron always ends up asking his Jewish guests about their roots, but this time he dives right in, with an enthusiastic, “Let’s Jew it up!”

The creative partners, who grew up together in Vancouver, are happy to indulge Maron’s questions, and their answers leave us more convinced than ever that they were definitely the sweetest, most hilarious guys at sleepaway camp (and that they haven’t changed much since).

Our three favorite Jewish moments from the interview:

1. They’re still super connected to their childhood friends. In fact, they brought 30 of them down to Los Angeles for the “This Is The End” premiere. “The Jewish population in Canada just dipped to zero,” Rogen jokes.

2. Rogen on his dad’s “Farrakhan” yarmulke: “I think it was his way of grappling with baldness.”

3. When the three funny men realize they all made their Hebrew school teachers cry. Goldberg to Rogen: “Didn’t you do that to Shira’s mom?”

Definitely worth a listen, especially for those of you counting down the days until the movie’s June 12 release.

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