Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ season 2: Watch the promo


In case you were concerned that Jerry Seinfeld’s web series might follow in the footsteps of his eponymous television show and be about nothing, he has gone ahead and given it an incredibly descriptive title.

In the second season of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” which premieres June 13th at noon, Seinfeld drives lots of cars and drinks lots of coffee, all the while engaging in conversation with other A-list comics.

The funniest parts of the preview involve Seinfeld sassing it up with guests like Sarah Silverman, Don Rickles, Chris Rock, Seth Meyers, and David Letterman. “You have a face like a sock puppet,” he tells Silverman, and, to Don Rickles, who is about to dig into a salad:  “So now I’m going to watch an old Jew eat a salad?”

Okay, so maybe it is sort of about nothing, but that works for us.

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