Britain prevents EU council’s adoption of Paris peace conference statement


(JTA) — Britain prevented the European Union Foreign Affairs Council from adopting the closing statement from the Paris peace conference.

Britain’s action on Monday, reported by Haaretz citing European and Israeli diplomats, followed a day after Britain refused to sign the closing statement at the conference. Britain had sent a low-level diplomat as an observer to indicate its displeasure with the proceedings.

Australia also distanced itself from the closing statement and did not sign it.

France brought the move to approve the statement in the Foreign Affairs Council. France’s resolution would have adopted the summit’s conclusions and stated EU’s willingness to award Israel and the Palestinians with economic incentives if they reach a peace treaty.

In an interview published Sunday in the Times of London, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump called on Britain to veto any anti-Israel resolutions that could come before the United Nations as a result of the peace conference.

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