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Why these supporters of a new US Embassy in Jerusalem think Sheldon Adelson shouldn’t pay for it

Why these supporters of a new US Embassy in Jerusalem think Sheldon Adelson shouldn’t pay for it

The optics of a rich donor paying the U.S. government for the embassy, they said, makes the move look less like a principled policy than a personal favor.

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NRA chief singles out George Soros and Michael Bloomberg as ‘socialists’

Wayne LaPierre, speaking at a conservative conference, accused deep-pocketed gun control proponents of planning to "eliminate all our freedoms."

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Thank you for supporting the American Friends of The Sheldon & Miriam Adelson Embassy of the United States in Israel!

It is only with the continued generosity of individuals like that we can continue to offer top accommodations for representing our national interests in the region and beyond – because, frankly, it’s not in the federal budget at the moment.

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The accusations against Benjamin Netanyahu: What you need to know

Is this the beginning of the end of the Netanyahu era, or just the latest challenge to a seasoned political survivor?

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A soaring number of Sephardic Jews acquired Portuguese citizenship in 2017

The tally is six times higher than for 2016, when a new law hit bureaucratic snags amid political changes.

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