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  • Israel´s growth industry: security guards

    In the three years since the intifada began, security personnel have become Israel´s fastest-growing industry. Despite the relative quiet of the recent cease-fire, security is still at a premium, and armed, trained guards are in more demand than eve

  • Parties vie for ‘Anglo’ votes

    As Israel’s election approaches, the country’s English-speaking immigrants find themselves in the unusual position of being courted by a number of political parties. This traditionally right-leaning community is likely to remain so, but isn&#8

  • Campaign posters spread in Israel

    Israel’s election day is less than a month away, and signs of the campaign are beginning to emerge.

  • ‘Lost Tribe’ members make aliyah

    Nearly a hundred members of the Bnei Menashe, a community from northeastern India that says it is descended from one of the biblical Lost Tribes, emigrated to Israel in August. Months later, some are still surprised by the reality of modern Israel.

  • Israelis slip below poverty line

    According to recently released statistics on poverty, nearly 20 percent of the Israeli population lives below the poverty line, up almost 1 percent from the previous year. With Israeli elections approaching, some parties are making demands for greater soc

  • Forum: World Jewry declining

    Confronted with statistics indicating that world Jewry is shrinking, officials at the Jewish Agency for Israel called the results “appalling.” According to their data, world Jewry is losing an average of 150 Jews every day.

  • Kenya attacks don’t deter Israeli travelers

    Despite the Kenya attacks, and despite the travel advisories for some of their destinations, young Israelis continue to leave for what has become a traditional, post-army service world tour that can last anywhere from two months to two years.

  • Israelis look to U.S. for constitution

    Israelis love all things American — from McDonald’s and SUVs to Starbucks and the television show “The West Wing.” This extends to academic and political circles, where thinkers have long debated the utility of an American-style co

  • Still looking for school guards

    In an Israeli suburb, David Niazov patrols the perimeters of five kindergartens. It’s a big job, given that there are nearly 500 children in this cluster of schools. But now, nearly three months into the school year, only 70 percent of the schools d

  • Israeli coexistence programs run the gamut

    The range of coexistence programs in Israel includes everything from filmmaker workshops and theater activities to environmental projects, Holocaust awareness programs and summer camps.