You Should See His Bat Mitzvah


Athens Boys’ Choir is a band of one:  a Georgia-based rapper named Katz, who writes songs about the various parts of his identity–his transsexuality (he was born a woman), his Judaism, and his unique and quirky sense of humor.

And so it’s more than a little shocking–and yet, appropriately and good-naturedly funny–that the music video for Katz’s song “EZ Heeb” features original footage taken from his Bat Mitzvah video. A now-totally-male Katz introduces the video: “In 2002 I came out as a man. But before I could do that, I had to become a woman.” Then the show begins: Katz (who, back then, went by the name Elizabeth) dances with elderly relatives and friends, everyone in puffy satin dresses and big bangs. These images clash wildly with lyrics like “You’re a goy/and I’m a wayward Jew/but we go meshuggeneh together/over matzoh ball soup.”

It’s not exactly the most traditional hip-hop song ever. But then again, Katz isn’t exactly the most traditional rapper–and his music is all the more worthwhile because of it.

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