Caring Enough to Hit “Send”


SomeEcards is a fun website that creates snarky, informal cards–their motto is, “when you care enough to hit ‘send’.” The cards on the site are almost always sarcastic and funny–for instance, there’s a birthday card that says “Happy 24 Hours of Constant Facebook Notifications Day.”

SomeEcards also offers specialty cards for holidays, from Christmas to Secretaries’ Day. And they happen to have an inordinate amount of cards devoted to Jewish holidays–see the gallery here. While it’s not surprising to find a smattering of Hanukkah cards, it’s pretty impressive that SomeEcards offers at least a dozen cards devoted to Passover (our favorite says “Please stop asking me whether an extra large thin-crust pizza counts as unleavened bread“). There’s even a selection of Jewish cards for Christian holidays, like Christmas and Easter: “A nice Jewish man rising from the dead seems less miraculous than finding one I can date.”

“We try to offer cards for all religions and/or neuroses related to those religions,” a representative of the company explained to us over email. “If it seems like there are a disproportionate amount of Jewish-themed cards, that may just be because there are so many Jewish holidays, and because there are more Jews working here than Sikhs.”

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