Jewish Crop Circles


The six-pointed star has appeared in Jewish iconography for a thousand years. But there’s a chance that the Magen David is meaningful to another, far different culture–an alien culture.

When Google started mapping out aerial views of Earth, its geomappers discovered some unexpected sights–for example, clean, crisp views of crop circles. Crop circles are a phenomenon in which patterns of wheat, rye, or other crops are flattened in a geometric formation, sometimes stretching for miles. The most common explanation, at least on the Internet, is that they are created by aliens. And one of the most notable crop circles on Google Earth–located on the outskirts of Beatty, Nevada–is a six-pointed star.

First sighted in the early 1970s in England, crop circles have been reported in the United States and 25 other countries. Some have been faked, but scientists insist that many are impossible to explain. One feature that many observers, both scientists and casual UFO buffs, have noted: Like Google Earth’s discovery, many crop circles incorporate a Star of David.

One of our first Jewniverses featured a tribe of alien Jews. Admittedly, they were fictional. But that’s not to say that, somewhere out in the vast depths of space, there aren’t alien Jews, broadcasting messages of solidarity to Jewish Earthlings.

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