Israeli Zombies Hit the Big Screen


When an Israeli Defense Forces special ops unit heads to Lebanon to capture a Hezbollah leader, they’re expecting trouble. But not in the form they find it.

Welcome to Cannon FodderIsrael’s first-ever zombie movie. The 94-minute film (in Hebrew and English, with English subtitles), which began as the BFA thesis of friends Eitan Gafny and Tom Goldwasser, features some grotesque special effects, and a suitably metal soundtrack.

Cannon Fodder boasts the bleak scenery, dark humor, and fast-paced sense of danger of traditional war films, but it’s the unique and unexpected combination of meticulously choreographed zombie mayhem and political commentary that’s been delighting fans and winning awards (including Best Feature Film at the Fright Night Film Fest, Louisville, KY) around the country. Cannon Fodder is the first action/horror film to be sponsored by the prestigious Israeli Film Fund—and, we suspect, the first Israeli film production to have used 40 gallons of fake blood.

Watch the gruesome trailer here:

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