The Loopy Truths of Jewish Signatures


By now you’ve probably heard: Jack Lew, President Obama’s nominee for Treasury secretary, signs his name like your Uncle Saul after too much Manischewitz. And now his sloppy John Hancock may get scribbled across our $10s and $20s for years to come.

Though Lew is the one currently in the spotlight, he isn’t the only Jew who writes like a kindergartner.

Have you seen Adam Sandler’s comedic autograph? How about Mark Spitz’s waterlogged scribble? Or Henry Kissinger’s, which is a diplomatic crisis in the making? Luckily, we have Dr. Robert Yaronne’s The Genius of Jewish Celebrities: What Their Handwriting Reveals to tell us what all this scribbling means.

“We all possess secrets – strengths as well as weaknesses – which carve their influence into our subconscious, essentially controlling our behavior, and this is revealed in handwriting,” Yaronne writes.

Among his findings: Bette Midler’s open “B” indicates a very talkative personality. Ben Stiller’s “N” indicates a self-deprecating character. And Goldie Hawn’s illegible signaturesuggests she’s hiding her true identity. Hiding or not, if autograph were any indication, she may have what it takes to be the Secretary of the Treasury, too.

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