How Big Is Your Afikoman?


How many Saltines can you eat in a minute? How about an even harder challenge: How much matzah can you eat when it comes time to eat the afikoman? And how much maror can you eat before you need to gulp down an additional glass of wine?

These might seem like silly questions, but for some people making sure they’ve eaten the proscribed amount of matzah and bitter herbs is serious business. That’s why they’ve created this placemat that gives you a handy guide to just how big a piece of matzah you should be eating at different parts of the seder (spoiler alert: it adds up to almost three whole sheets of matzah per person) and how much maror you should consume, too (bad news: it’s a lot).

Not everyone holds by the customs printed on the mat, but a little seder-time competition never hurt anyone (losers excepted).


How many saltines can you stuff in your mouth?

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