Love Notes to Israeli Traffic Cops


Leave it to Israelis to fight back against the Man.

In the ever-raging, worldwide war between drivers and ticketing police officers, Israelis are striking a new, utterly harmless and friendly blow: that of the love note.

Dear Officer, a new blog by American journalist Daniel Estrin, chronicles the efforts of the illegally parked to gain favor and leniency with those with the pad and badge. The notes range from pleading to jovial to downright hostile.

“Honorable officer,” one reads, “There’s nowhere to park because of the Maccabi Tel Aviv football game. I’ll move my car when the game’s over.”

“Dear human,” tries another, “if I’m in the way, call me.”

Some try to shift the blame: “This car belongs to Uri. Thanks.”

There’s no word yet on the success of these notes, but needless to say, those in the Holy Land stamp their feet and curse when they spot that red ticket pressed beneath the windshield wipers, just like us here in the diaspora. It’s hard to blame them: We put up with thousands of years of persecution just to get slapped with this lousy parking ticket?

“Officer,” begins one, “your mother’s a whore.”

Okay, so maybe they’re not all completely friendly.

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