Morning Jew News & Schmooze!


What do you get when two Jewish comedians—one in Oakland and another in New York City—put their Skype convos up on the web for all to see?

Welcome to Morning Jew, a smart and hilarious online Jewish comedy and news schmooze.

Co-anchors Heather Gold and Katie Halper don earbuds and take swigs from mugs of tea as they analyze, embellish, and comment upon the week’s news, all the while trading in classic Jewish humor in segments like “Good for the Jews?” and “Shonda of the Week.”

In recent episodes, Heather and Katie tackled (not literally, but they probably would if we ask nicely) Woody AllenMichelle Bachman, the White Man MarchAbe Foxman, and the paucity of Jews winning Oscars this year.

In one of our favorite segments, “I Can’t Believe They’re Not Jewish,” Katie presents a gentile with a pedigree that certainly sounds Jewish. Let’s play. He has the word “Jew” in his name. He directed Fiddler on the Roof and The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. He even used to wear a yarmulke. Got it yet?

Norman Jewison. Not a Jew!

Want to know what Morning Jew has to say about this week’s news? Tune in!

Watch a recent episode:

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