The 1975 Celebrity Kosher Cookbook That Only a Turkey Could Hate


We love it when celebrities share their favorite recipes with us.

But we have to say, modern celeb/chefs like Jessica Seinfeld and even our beloved Mayim can’t hold a candle to the 1975 book Celebrity Kosher Cookbook. Originally a benefit for L.A.’s Synagogue for the Performing Arts, the recipes are down-to-earth—sometimes too down-to-earth. The glamour behind Joan Rivers’s recipe for pears and caviar gives way to Lucille Ball’s MSG-laced goulash (she married her Jewish second husband Gary Morton in 1961, so she’s honorary.)

William Shatner adds knaidlach, while fellow Star Trek alum Leonard Nimoy offers pickled herring. On the other hand, I would pay good money to learn how to make pot roast from Neil Diamond, or beef stew mamelige from Hank Greenberg, or to sing the praises of pierogi with Joey Bishop.

The list goes on, and we’d love to tell you every single page. In all the delights, only one made us cringe: Shari Lewis, the beloved host of children’s show Lamb Chop’s Play-Along, contributes Shoulder of Lamb. Just one question though: Where did she get those lamb shoulders?


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