Erotica for the Kosher Set


By the frum, for the frum, Shosha Pearl writes the sexiest—and possibly only—erotica completely permissible by traditional Jewish law.

Shosha Pearl is a pen name. Her stories, all set in the Orthodox Jewish universe, range from “mild” to “super smutty.” “Before the Canopy” finds a woman enjoying herself onanistically on her balcony, while her husband-to-be looks on from next door. As their tradition dictates, the two are not permitted to meet or speak for the week leading to the wedding. But, they decide, texting and a bit of voyeurism are A-okay.

There isn’t much out there about the author of these titillating stories, but her website tells you all you need to know about her motivations: Pearl wants you to “get turned on reading them – and [wants] you to feel good about doing so.”

And, she writes, “While your rabbi may not encourage you to read [these stories], you won’t have to worry about…ideas…that conflict with halacha.”

So when the narrator of “The Fringes of Memory” lowers, in the privacy of the bathroom, her lover’s “tzitzit over [her] naked breasts,” you can rest assured that it’s totally kosher.


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