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  • Chuck Schumer hearts Beyonce, despite lip-sync scandal

    Lots of folks have lots to say about Beyonce’s lip-sync-gate at Obama’s inauguration last week, but Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York thinks everyone should leave the Queen B alone. Although the New York Post reported today that Schumer was still waiting for an apology from Beyonce over lip-syncing to the National Anthem, a source close to… More ▸

  • Rosanne Barr is getting nutty

    I know, I know. Most people assumed medical insanity already happened in the nineties, when she did things like star in weirdo crappy movies (“She Devil”, anyone?) and marry Tom Arnold. However, this fine wine has only gotten more robust with age. In the last two days, Roseanne has really shown what a classy broad… More ▸

  • Drake dissing on Jay-Z

    Rapper Lil Wayne is coming out with a new album titled “The Carter IV” soon, and one song already leaked to the net. And boy, is this leak making waves. Apparently the song “It’s Good,” which features rappers Jadakiss and Drake, is a total diss on rapper Jay-Z and his wifey Beyoncé. The dispute started after… More ▸