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Jews dating Jews

  • 10 TV Jewish couples we love

    There aren’t that many Jewish couples out there. On television, that is.
    Sure, there are plenty of mixed marriages, as there are in real life, but the small screen doesn’t usually feature a couple where both members are Jews.
    But we were able to come up with 10 of our favorites in honor of Valentine’s Day after racking our pop culture-loving brains (and searching the internet).
    Here they are:
    1. The “retired and moved to Boca” couple – Helen and Mordy Seinfeld (“Seinfeld”)

    They love each other but fight all time. They wonder why you never call them (or Uncle Leo) and invite themselves over. Mordy (Barney Martin) always complains and yells about everything he doesn’t like, and Helen (Liz Sharidan) yells back at him but always has his back. The Seinfelds are the thick-skinned, proud and caring couple who somehow get along in a faraway land called Florida. More ▸

  • Seth Rogen has a heart — but not a pre-nup — of gold

    Seth Rogen is a happily married man, but if the tides turn his divorce might be less sunny. Apparently, Rogen refused to have his wife Lauren Miller sign a pre-nuptial agreement before their wedding this past October. “If I lose millions, then it’ll be the best millions I’ve spent,” Rogen told Us Weekly in defense… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill scores with Dustin Hoffman’s daughter

    Looks like Jonah Hill’s lack of milkshake is bringing all the girls to the yard. Well, at least some of them. According to Contact Music, Jonah Hill is officially dating Ali Hoffman, daughter of Mr. Magorium himself (What? You want me to drop a generic reference to “The Graduate” or “Rain Man”? Well, I won’t…. More ▸

  • ScarJo gives Joseph Gordon Levitt the key to her heart (and house!)

    Looks like Ms. Nudey Attitude-y is done sowing her wild oats. According to the Hollywood Life blog, our favorite Horse Whisperer has moved on from the dashing Ryan Reynolds and is now looking to share her home with new beau Joseph Gordon Levitt. When the two were caught smoochin’ in mid-October, tribe members kvelled over… More ▸

  • Jake <3 Rashida?

    Actor and good man Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted over Labor Day weekend with Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation and Our Idiot Brother. According to People Magazine, the two Jewish stars had lunch together, with JakeGyl’s pup Atticus waiting for them to finish their little luncheon. Apparently it is going well because there was some laughing going… More ▸

  • Scarlet is giving “Doug” a little more than a best friend hug

    Scarlet Johanssen was spotted with Justin Bartha, better known as the lost newlywed Doug of The Hangover and The Hangover Part II. The New York Post reported that Johanssen, who recently ended a very short relationship with Sean Penn, was with Bartha in the nack stage of his off-Broadway show, ” All New People.” Bartha, a reform… More ▸