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Mazel Tov!

  • Bob Dylan inducted into American Academy of Arts and Letters

    Bob Dylan has been inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, becoming the first rock star to join the prestigious institution. Robert Allen Zimmerman joins the Academy’s list of successful, upper-crust Americans, Sinclair Lewis, Kurt Vonnegut, Duke Ellington, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Rothko, Frank Lloyd Wright and Roy Lichtenstein. Additions to the Academy come from categories of  music, literature and visual arts, and Blind Boy Grunt… More ▸

  • LeBron James is having a Yom Kippur Wedding

    Ring in the bells of celebration and starvation. Miami Heat basketball star LeBron James sent out his Save the Dates for his wedding, the weekend of Friday, September 13, which is exciting for all his friends except the Jewish ones because that date is Yom Kippur. TMZ obtained a copy of the invitation, and notes… More ▸

  • Is Natalie Portman pregnant?

    Is time for Bet Portman? Jewish actress and “Black Swan” star Natalie Portman was spotted wearing a rather baggy Dior gown at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party, which has raised the suspicion that she might be hiding a baby bump. The 31-year-old wife of ballet mogul Benjamin Millepied and mother of baby Aleph, was seen in a… More ▸

  • Andy Samberg is engaged

    Many Jewish and non-Jewish women dreaded this moment, and it finally happened – Jewish ex-SNL comedian Andy Samberg and musician Joana Newsom are officially engaged. Mazel Tov! Right? “I can confirm that Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom are engaged,” Samberg’s publicist Carrie Byalick told Reuters. The two has been dating for five years, and according to… More ▸

  • Top 10 reasons why we love Purim, as seen through photos

    Purim, the festival of drinking, giggles, dress up, and those triangle cookies, is a time to feature some hidden creativity for costumes.
    Some see this as a time to unleash their inner skank, others, their more controversially political side.
    Here are our top 10 reasons why we love Purim, according to some holiday photos…
     10. Because on this day, rabbis have green hair!
    (and it suits him rather well.)

    (Courtesy of BBC)
    9. Because animals can be counted for a minyan
    .(But not women, of course… just kidding! But seriously…)

    (Courtesy of AVAX) More ▸

  • A Bar Mitzvah video is going viral

    There are Save the Dates you receive in the mail for family events, and then there’s this. Daniel Blumen, a little Jewish boy from Atlanta, made a music video to remind those about his upcoming Bar Mitzvah event, and the video has since gone viral, surfacing on CNN, ABC, NBC, Yahoo!, and the Daily Mail,… More ▸

  • Jewish cake-master stands up for gay marriage

    Celebrity chef Duff Goldman, who starred on Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes,” has agreed to make a free wedding cake for a gay couple after hearing a bakery in Oregon denied the requests of the brides-to-be over their sexual orientation. Goldman reached out to the couple via Twitter after Huffington Post wrote a story about Gresham baker Aaron… More ▸

  • The Fonz celebrates his Jewish Manniversary on Twitter

    It’s nice that every once in a while a veteran actor share his/her Jewish experience for the whole world to see. One of them is Henry Winkler, aka Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli of “Happy Days,” who mentioned that 54 years ago on Thursday, he became a man in New York. On this day 54 years ago I was BAR… More ▸

  • Watch Drake’s inspiring high school graduation speech

    This week in Drake: The newly graduated rapper took to the podium at the Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto last Friday and finally received his high school diploma. In addition, Drizzy had a chance to speak to current students and encourage them to “follow through.” “It’s not necessarily about the books that you’ll read or the science… More ▸

  • Jason Segel and Michelle Williams are moving in together

    Hollywood’s most adorable couple just took one major step forward. The two 32-year-old actors have been dating since the beginning of the year, and now they decided to move in together to a  Brooklyn loft, together with Williams’ five year old daughter, Matilda, according to the Daily Mail. This is a big step for Williams,… More ▸