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  • Cardin will be key Jewish surrogate for Obama

    Sen. Ben Cardin’s (D-Md.) appearances before Jewish audiences in South Florida last week were the first of many he’ll be making this fall on behalf of Barack Obama. In an interview last week, Cardin said he went to the presumptive Democratic nominee a few weeks ago and “offered my help” in persuading Jewish voters –… More ▸

  • Another Jewish VP possibility?

    How about Carl Levin for Barack Obama’s VP? Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic makes a pretty good case–national security experience, attractive to Jewish voters–but doubts it will happen because we haven’t yet heard the Michigan senator’s name floated. Meanwhile, over on the GOP side, Joe Lieberman’s name is once more being bandied about as… More ▸

  • Specter fights on

    Sen. Arlen Specter, the veteran Jewish Republican from Pennsylvania, is letting neither Hodgkin’s disease nor age get in the way of his re-election effort, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. More ▸

  • Ann Lewis: The Jews love Hillary

    Ann Lewis touts Hillary Clinton’s performance among Jewish voters: To: Interested Parties From: Ann Lewis Subject: The Jewish Vote Hillary Clinton’s strong support from Jewish voters in Pennsylvania reaffirmed her strong support from Jewish voters nationwide, and provided further evidence that Hillary is the candidate positioned to win the general election in November. HIGH JEWISH… More ▸

  • Hillary wins Pa., takes Jewish vote

    The networks have called Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton, and the initial exit polls show her winning the Jewish vote 57 percent to 43 percent. Jews made up about 7 percent of the electorate. Obama did worse among whites overall, especially Catholics. [UPDATE: The results have been adjusted: Clinton won the Jewish vote 62 percent to… More ▸

  • Obama: Wright is my “pastor,” not “spiritual adviser”

    In his continuing effort to put the issues of his controversial pastor to rest, Barack Obama took a different tack when he spoke Wednesday from the pulpit of a Philadelphia synagogue, downplaying the role of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in his life. “He was my pastor,” Obama said, dismissing the notion frequently put forward that… More ▸

  • Political Tidbits

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton respond to list of questions from the Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh. The New York Jewish Week urges voters to insist on more details from the presidential candidates about how they will deal with the Middle East. Philadelphia magazine takes a look at one of Obama’s top Jewish backers in Pennsylvania…. More ▸

  • Who’s afraid of Obama fans?

    By several accounts, the Obama folks are keeping a tight rein on who is allowed to speak for the campaign (though we certainly can’t complain about our access to the candidate himself). But they may be shooting themselves in the foot as a result. Case in point: I visited Obama’s campaign office in the Philadelphia… More ▸