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Sarah Silverman

  • Sarah Silverman will skype you if you donate money to solar energy

    Want Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman as a digital pen pal? Of course you do. All you have to do is donate $5,000 to Jerusalem-based solar energy company Energiya Global, which is run by her brother-in-law, Yosef “Captain Sunshine” Abramowitz. Abramowitz is an active supporter of green energy, initiating projects all around the world. His latest project involves a… More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman and Conan corrupt innocent babies (VIDEO)

    Last week, comedian Sarah Silverman visited Conan O’Brien and somewhat embarrassed the ginger late night host with a serious of R-rated topics. Silverman’s mission was to show that it is okay to discuss lady parts, and she did it, of course, in her “special” ways. After taking a photo of Conan’s lips with her iPhone,… More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman tweets (and deletes) her opinions on Israeli politics

    It has been only two days since the election campaign in the U.S. (finally) came to an end, but for some people, campaigning just never stops. After being an avid and somewhat outspoken supporter of President Obama and the Democratic Party, Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman is moving on to her next target — Israeli politics. Last… More ▸

  • Who are the Jewish celebrities voting for?

    The election season is almost over, thankfully, but before the we all find out who is the next POTUS, we thought it would be interesting to look at the political preferences of some famous Jews. Some of the Jewish celebrities are very outspoken regarding their opinions, some are more quiet and most of them donate a lot of money.
    Check out the list, who knows, maybe it will change how you will vote (I really hope it won’t though):
    Republican Jewish Celebrities:
    Jerry Bruckheimer

    The producer behind “CSI,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Top Gun” and more has donated for the Bush, McCain and Romney campaigns More ▸

  • Everything you need to know about the Sarah Silverman ‘Lettergate’

    Sarah Silverman made headlines again!
    But no, this time it wasn’t about a controversial tweet or a controversial video or… a controversial anything. In fact, the Jewish comedian didn’t really do anything.
    Well, depends who you ask, because Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt thought that her lack of, umm, “doing,” is bad, so he decided to write an opinion columnfor the “Jewish Press” on October 11.
    From that moment on it just got more bizarre, so in case you missed one of the most unnecessary debates recently (seriously people, don’t we debate enough these days?), here’s a short recap.
    Last Thursday, Rabbi Rosenblatt accused Silverman of being “too secular”
    According to Rabbi Rosenblatt, Sarah Silverman has a right to use her “daring” humor, but it’s not okay to add “biblical language” to that:
    You want to fight for a value so you take your belief – secularism – and promote it. As an Orthodox rabbi, I disagree with just about everything you say, but respect your right to say it. All I ask, respectfully, is that you not use traditional Jewish terminology in your efforts. Because doing so is a lie. More ▸

  • Watch Sarah Silverman latest and NSFW political video

    Sarah Silverman political videos are back, y’all! After encouraging old Jewish Floridians to vote for Obama in 2008 and encouraging billionaire mogul Sheldon Adelson to stop his support for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in exchange for, um, scissoring, the Jewish comedian now wants to spread the word about voter ID laws. In a video posted… More ▸