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The Calif. State Assembly’s disappearing Jews, and what it means for future Congresses

The L.A. Jewish Journal notes an interesting election tidbit: The California State Assembly may not have any Jewish members soon.

Three current Jewish members are being term-limited out, the Journal reports. The Jewish mayor of Santa Monica, Richard Bloom, is challenging an incumbent Assemblywoman Betsy Butler, but the Journal concludes “the 80-member body could soon be without a single Jewish representative.”

I would add that the State Assembly has been an important feeder into Congress. Three of the six current Jewish members of California’s U.S. House delegation — Reps. Howard Berman, Henry Waxman and Susan Davis — served in the Assembly earlier in their political careers. A fourth, Rep. Adam Schiff, served in the State Senate. (Neither of California’s two Jewish U.S. senators served in the state legislature.)

Does a dearth of Jewish members in the next the next Assembly portend fewer California Jews in Congress down the road?


The Forward has noted that Jewish numbers in Congress are declining steely. Jacques Berlinerblau had some smart thoughts on the trend.

I examined last year whether redistricting reform had the potential to diminish Jewish numbers in Congress.