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Reform movement joins health advocacy groups in urging rejection of Obamacare repeal

Reform movement joins health advocacy groups in urging rejection of Obamacare repeal

The Union for Reform Judaism was among 28 groups, including a handful of faith-based ones, that signed on to a full-page ad in The New York Times.

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United States

Kirsten Gillibrand

Netanyahu does ‘not have a plan for peace,’ Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says

In a rare rebuke of Israel by a New York Democrat, Gillibrand also said she was willing to reconsider her support for an anti-BDS bill.

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Israel & Middle East

Muslim worshippers stay away from Temple Mount despite removal of metal detectors, security cameras

The Muslim Waqf said worshippers should continue to stay away from the Temple Mount and reject any security measures.

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From the JTA Archives

Documents Show Truman Demanded Israel Withdraw from Areas Taken During the War of Independence

Japanese Government Rejects Article Blaming Stock Market Trouble on Jews

Candy Workers Strike; Want Pay Checks Sweetened

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Why Jews from Libya are worried about the fate of the country’s Jewish artifacts

The State Department is weighing a request from Libya to keep its antiquities, including Jewish ones, from being taken out of the country.

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From 70 Faces Media

Dating While Ultra-Orthodox? Better Update Your Shidduch Resume.

I Gladly Adopted Judaism — But the Food Was Another Story

Halvah and Halwah: What’s The Difference?

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Life & Culture

This Jewish player won the World Series of Poker’s $8.15 million with a pair of 2’s

Scott Blumstein dominated the final table at poker's most prestigious event, but needed an unlikely card to finally put away his last opponent.

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