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Oh, Canada? Jews you didn’t know were Canadian

Oh, Canada? Jews you didn’t know were Canadian

July 1 is Canada Day and we're celebrating with a roundup of our favorite Canadian Jews — some may surprise you.

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An officer examining scene of an attack on a family car near Hebron in Israel's West Bank, July 1, 2016. (Judea and Samaria Rescue Services)

Israeli man killed, wife badly hurt in shooting attack on family car

Protesters demonstrating against the EU referendum result in Trafalgar Square, London, June 28, 2016. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Brexit poll: Jews voted 2-1 to remain in EU

James Zogby speaking at a Microsoft Political Action Committee event in 2010. (Wikimedia Commons)

Bernie Sanders’ appointee to platform committee says ‘I’m not anti-Israel’

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United States

Nate Freiman at bat for the Portland Sea Dogs in a game against the Harrisburg Senators in Pennsylvania, May 2016. (Hillel Kuttler)

Jewish ex-major leaguer trying to get back to baseball’s big show

Nate Freiman, who also played for Israel in the World Baseball Classic, is cheerfully chasing dreams of playing for the Red Sox at Fenway.

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Israel & Middle East

Rina, the mother of Israeli Hallel Ariel, a 13-year-old girl who was fatally stabbed by a Palestinian attacker in her home, mourns during her funeral in the Kiryat Arba settlement outside the West Bank city of Hebron, June 30, 2016.  (Gil Cohen-Magen/AFP/Getty Images)

Murdered Israeli girl had US citizenship

A State Department spokesman confirmed that Hallel Yaffa Ariel of Kiryat Arba, a Jewish settlement near Hebron, was an American citizen. She was fatally stabbed in her bed earlier Thursday.

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(Flickr Commons)

Franken: ‘I don’t think Minnesota is ready for a gentile in this seat’

Gazans mark the fifth anniversary of the Mavi Marmara Gaza flotilla at the Gaza City seaport on May 31, 2015. (Aaed Tayeh/Flash90)

Israel grapples with fallout of flotilla violence

Joe Goldblatt, a Texan who gained Scottish citizenship in July, campaigns for Scottish independence in Edinburgh. (Ben Sales)

Ahead of historic vote, many Scottish Jews wary of independence

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking after a 'Stop Trident' march though central London, Feb. 27, 2016. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Jeremy Corbyn compares Israel to ISIS in speech against anti-Semitism

Labour's leader, who is facing calls to resign over Brexit, made the analogy while unveiling a report on anti-Semitism within the British party, which Jewish critics said was vague and inconclusive.

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From 70 Faces Media


23 No-Cook Recipes to Survive Shabbat this Summer

The tree clad foothills of the Atlas mountains with a traditonal Berber village clinging to the sides, Morocco

Why 100 NY Jews Brought Goats to This Moroccan Village

summer lovin'

7 Ways to Survive Summer with Kids

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Life & Culture

Paul Simon performing at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. (Wikimedia Commons)

Paul Simon says he may be nearing end of career, considering retirement

The Grammy-winning Jewish singer-songwriter, still touring at 74, says "Showbiz doesn’t hold any interest for me."

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