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  • Op-Ed: Title VI should be used only on true hatemongers, not political opponents

    The Zionist Organization of America is using Title VI as a political tactic that targets valid, albeit distasteful and wrongheaded, political debate, when the measure should be used to protect Jewish students from true hatemongers, writes the editor of New Voices magazine.

  • New Haggadahs: Reform version, novelists’ take and Ethiopian flavor

    Entries in the annual stream of new Haggadahs this year include a Reform version with an iPad application, a gorgeously designed Haggadah featuring literary celebrity contributors such as Jonathan Safran Foer and Nathan Englander, and one with an Ethiopian flavor.

  • Roundup of new prayer books

    New High Holidays prayer books, or machzors, weren’t the only developments in Jewish liturgy over the last year. Here is a roundup of other new prayer books and related projects in that time.

  • Wave of new holiday prayer books changing the ways to worship

    A wave of new High Holidays prayer books continues with a Hebrew-English machzor from the Israeli publisher Koren, a revision to Hillel’s “On Wings of Awe” and pilot tests of services from the forthcoming Reform machzor.

  • Cokie and Steve Roberts’ new interfaith haggadah has its pros and cons

    A haggadah written by longtime broadcast journalist Cokie Roberts and her husband works as a resource for interfaith families who want help holding a seder that is accessible to the whole family, but it really shouldn’t be used as the main text.