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  • Court rejects Nazi criminal’s suit

    An Argentine researcher and journalist said he feels “a strong sense of relief” after a three-year battle in Italian courts ended with a Nazi war criminal’s lawsuit against him being thrown out.

  • South America’s left and the Jews

    Elections across South America in recent years have been dominated by left-wing or center-left parties. What does this new and very different leadership mean for the region’s Jewish communities?

  • Probe looks at AMIA cover-up

    As the 12th anniversary nears of the bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Jewish community is focusing on investigations into the country’s former president and one of his Cabinet ministers.

  • Argentine court to study bombing cover-up

    An Argentine court will begin to study a possible cover-up in the investigation of a terrorist attack that targeted a Jewish institution, killing 85 people.

  • Peru’s Jews watch election closely

    Peru’s Jewish community is closely watching the country’s presidential runoff election, especially controversial candidate Ollanta Humala.

  • Peru’s Jews face threats

    The chief rabbi of Peru’s largest congregation explains how the growth of neo-Nazi groups, the perception that the Jewish community has undue influence over the government, and political turmoil, have stoked anti-Semitism in his country.

  • Argentina confronts its past

    The Argentine government’s recent decision to repeal a controversial 1938 Foreign Ministry resolution that barred Jewish refugees from receiving visas was the latest in a series of moves aimed at reviewing the country’s anti-Semitic past.

  • Arrests made in Chilean Nazi enclave

    Recent arrests of top leaders of Colonia Dignidad, a secretive Nazi refuge in southern Chile, have given new hope to the family of a Jewish academic who is the only American still considered “disappeared” in Chile.

  • Neo-Nazis rampage in Chile

    Members of a neo-Nazi gang are terrorizing a Chilean city.

  • Argentines angry over WWII actions

    Argentina’s Foreign Ministry is under scrutiny as Jewish organizations and others demand the repeal of a controversial 1938 order prohibiting visas for Jews fleeing the Holocaust, and ask why 12 diplomats who allegedly did little to help Jews during the w