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  • Einstein online: Internet archive offers window into physicist’s life and work

    A newly updated online archive presents thousands of documents related to Albert Einstein’s life, from love letters to correspondence related to Jewish activism to physics work.

  • U.S. congresswomen see Israel, Palestinians in the eyes of J Street

    By running missions to Israel and the West Bank that showcase, among other things, Palestinian experiences at Israeli checkpoints, J Street is trying to present an alternative to the usual pro-Israel fare on congressional missions to Israel.

  • Palestinian Khader Adnan tests limits of Israel’s system of military detention

    The case of Khader Adnan, a Palestinian detainee who galvanized Palestinian and some Israeli and international support with his 66-day hunger strike, has ignited a debate in Israel about the issue of administrative detention.

  • A divided town, where the pursuit of bargains brings together Israelis and Palestinians

    A divided town, part in Israel and part in the West Bank, provides a rare opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians to meet and mix — all for the cause of buying and selling.

  • Controversy grows in Israel over extension of Tal Law granting haredim army exemptions

    When Israel’s first prime minister granted a few hundred haredi Orthodox Jews an exemption from army service, it’s likely he never dreamed that 63 years later, tens of thousands of haredi Israelis would claim the exemption — or that the issue would be among the most contentious in modern Israel.

  • In entering Israeli politics, Yair Lapid eyes force of socioeconomic protests

    Will Yair Lapid be able to ride the wave of discontent embodied in last summer’s massive social protests in Israel to create a new political force in the country?

  • New Olmert indictment keeps focus on political corruption

    The indictment of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and 17 other Israelis on charges related to one of the largest real estate scandals in Israeli history is the latest shoe to drop in a country where political corruption has come to be seen as endemic.

  • What’s daily life like for Palestinians in Israeli prisons?

    Israel’s treatment of its Palestinian prisoners is closely watched and sometimes criticized by Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups, but Israel supporters argue that the treatment reflects well on Israel and contrasts sharply with how Israeli captives have been treated by Palestinians.

  • Israelis seeking alternatives to traditional wedding ceremonies

    Israeli couples increasingly are seeking to create weddings that are more reflective of their own lifestyles. But because Israel has no civil marriage, this puts many couples on a collision course with the Orthodox-controlled Rabbinate.

  • As Israel watches, Gilad Shalit comes home

    Images showing Gilad Shalit arriving back in Israel prompted tears of joy in many corners of Israel, but families of the victims of the Palestinian terrorists who were freed as part of the swap with Hamas said the deal marked a victory for the terrorists.