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  • Reform biennial opening to outsiders in bid to revitalize movement

    For the first time, the Reform movement’s conference — which will be held next week in San Diego — will be open to participants who are not members of Reform congregations.

  • Remembering Rabbanit Bracha Kapach, lifeline to Jerusalem’s poor

    From her humble beginnings as a 14-year-old mother, Yemenite immigrant and cleaning lady, Jerusalem’s Rabbanit Bracha Kapach — who died Tuesday at 90 — rose to win the Israel Prize.

  • Schechter schools considering embracing patrilineal descent

    With Schechter schools in serious decline, the network’s board just took a vote that could dramatically alter the way Conservative day schools approach the question of who is a Jew.

  • Reform’s Rick Jacobs hails new openness in Israel to religious pluralism

    Reform leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs is hailing Naftali Bennett, Israel’s modern Orthodox religious services minister, as a breath of fresh air even as Bennett draws some red lines on religious pluralism in Israel.

  • NYT concedes error on Palestinian photo

    New York Times editors conceded they were wrong to use a sympathetic photograph of a Palestinian mother to illustrate a story about her son’s stabbing to death of an Israeli soldier.

  • On Israeli religious reforms, Naftali Bennett still figuring out road map

    Though Naftali Bennett, Israel’s minister of religious services, has blazed a quick path on some religious reforms, don’t expect him to rush into some of the areas considered most crucial to American Jewish pluralism advocates: civil marriage and non-Orthodox conversion.

  • Five places the Jews should ski this year

    Need kosher food on the slopes? Something for the kids or non-skiers in your family? JTA runs down the five best spots in America for Jews to test the powder this year.

  • Conservative synagogues wrestle with non-Jews in the pews

    The question of how Conservative synagogues treat non-Jews cuts to the heart of a philosophical and practical debate within a movement struggling over its middle-of-the-road identity.

  • Dershowitz backs Avi Weiss in dispute with Israeli Rabbinate

    Attorney Alan Dershowitz is asking Israeli President Shimon Peres to intervene in the case of the apparent blacklisting of Rabbi Avi Weiss by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

  • Jerry Silverman: Not just talk when federations meet in Israel for G.A.

    Jerry Silverman, CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, says debate and action will distinguish this year’s General Assembly, slated for Nov. 10-12 in Jerusalem, from past G.A. conferences.