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is JTA's senior writer and former managing editor. Follow him on Twitter at @urielheilman


  • SAR tefillin policy just the tip of the iceberg for Orthodox women

    The announcement this week that SAR, a modern Orthodox high school in New York, is allowing girls to lay tefillin is helping expose an increasingly sharp fault line within Orthodoxy.

  • Is food writer Mark Bittman going kosher?

    The New York Times columnist wants you to cut down on meat, impose value-based restrictions on your diet and boycott Pepsi.

  • Sharon’s unfinished business

    Would Ariel Sharon have replicated his Gaza model of withdrawal in the West Bank?

  • RCA backs Avi Weiss (sort of)

    The Rabbinical Council of America says it did not cast aspersions on Rabbi Avi Weiss’ commitment to halachah. But amid Weiss’ dispute with the Israeli Rabbinate, is the RCA willing to back Weiss?

  • Y.U. landed one of top 10 gifts in 2013

    Despite its financial problems, Yeshiva University made the list of recipients for the top 10 charitable donations of 2013, thanks to a $160 million gift.

  • Israeli Rabbinate: Here’s why Rabbi Avi Weiss isn’t kosher enough

    Last fall the Israeli Rabbinate began rejecting the imprimatur of Rabbi Avi Weiss of Riverdale, N.Y., when it came to affirming the Jewishness of immigrants to Israel. Now the Rabbinate is saying why.

  • John Podhoretz, Jane Eisner and the brouhaha at the 92Y

    What exactly happened Monday night at the 92Y that prompted Commentary editor John Podhoretz to storm off the stage and get into a spat with Forward editor Jane Eisner?

  • Reform Judaism tries for a ‘reboot’ in face of daunting challenges

    What do you get when you bring together 5,000 of the Reform movement’s faithful for a conference in sunny San Diego in mid-December?

  • Tweeting the Reform biennial

    JTA’s Uriel Heilman is covering the biennial convention of the Union for Reform Judaism on Twitter.

  • Reform biennial opening to outsiders in bid to revitalize movement

    For the first time, the Reform movement’s conference — which will be held next week in San Diego — will be open to participants who are not members of Reform congregations.