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Barbra Streisand

  • When Barbra Streisand called Seth Rogen’s mom

    Seth Rogen is currently working with Barbra Streisand on the new movie “The Guilt Trip,” in which Babs plays Rogen’s overbearing mother. According to the “National Enquirer,” during one of the filming days Rogen made Streisand call his actual mother and tell her: “Sandy, it’s Barbra Streisand – don’t forget to take your vitamins!” (How many… More ▸

  • Barbra Streisand had an Israeli magician for her 70th birthday party

    Israeli magician, mentalist and TV host Lior Suchard was invited to celebrate Babs’ 70th birthday, According to an interview Suchard gave to Israeli entertainment mag “Pnai Plus” it was a pretty fun deal. “I arrived at a Greek restaurant in Malibu, there were probably a hundred paparazzi photographers waiting outside but nobody recognized me which… More ▸

  • Lea Michele throws a birthday bash for Babs

    Happy birthday Barbra Streisand! To celebrate your big 70th, Lea Michele is throwing a party to honor you. The “Glee” star is obsessed with Streisand.  Her biggest dream is to remake “Funny Girl” or to have Streisand guest star on “Glee,” a friend told the Hollywood Life. The one time Lea actually met Streisand, she… More ▸

  • Regina Spektor sings Barbra Streisand’s “My Man”

    The kooky Jewish answer to Tori Amos is at it again. Regina Spektor just recorded a cover version of “My Man,” originally sung by none other than Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl.  Spector’s version will appear on the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack, which includes a long list of talented artists including the Wainwrights (Loudon and Martha), Nelly McKay and others. The soundtrack will… More ▸