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free speech

  • Facebook removes page of Hungarian anti-Semitic website

    Facebook has removed from its servers an official fan page of -- a U.S.-based website in Hungarian which features anti-Semitic hate speech and propaganda by Hungary’s ultranationalist Jobbik party.

  • Toronto rabbinical board raps Canada JDL for Geller invite

    TORONTO (JTA) — The Toronto Board of Rabbis criticized the Jewish Defense League of Canada for inviting Islam critic Pamela Geller to speak in the city. The statement was issued just prior to Geller’s speaking engagement Monday sponsored by the group. She spoke at the Toronto Zionist Center without incident. A Chabad rabbi had uninvited… More ▸

  • The Irvine 11 (UPDATED)

    That is how the students arrested for disrupting the Israeli ambassador’s speech at the University of California, Irvine are being described by their supporters. Like the Seattle Seven ("That was me and, uh, six other guys"), the Scottsboro Nine, the Four Tops, the Stooges Three, and other monuments to American injustice and the peculiarities of… More ▸

  • Is heckling a right?

    The Council on American Islamic Relations thinks so. The group, along with the National Lawyers Guild (according to its website, a group that is an "effective political and social force in service of the people") has publicly come out and defended the rights of the students arrested at the University of California, Irvine last week,… More ▸

  • Free speech at issue in campus Israel wars

    Israel’s critics have stepped up efforts to actively disrupt speakers defending the Jewish state. Meanwhile, Jewish groups are increasingly pressing their case on an institutional level, calling for the enforcement of campus codes of conduct. Some have even sought to have speakers disinvited whose views are deemed beyond the pale. More ▸

  • Limits of free speech

    At a time when the limits of free speech is being tested on American campuses, the University of Oregon presents an interesting case study. A retired professor and leader of a tiny group with a history of promoting anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and racist ideas has sparked a movement to have it banned from this historically liberal… More ▸