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Funny Jews

  • Proposal for Lena Dunham’s book leaked

    That book proposal that landed HBO Girl’s creator Lena Dunham $3.7 million in a publishing deal was leaked online earlier today. The 66-paged proposal explains the ideas behind the Jewish actress’s book, “Not That Kind of girl,” and reveals it will be divided into six sections: “Work”, “Friendship”, “Body”, “Sex”, “Love”, and “Big Picture”, CSMonitor… More ▸

  • Talk to me dirty, Bob Saget

    Danny Taner has come a long way since “Full House.” Bob Saget, the Jewish actor and comedian best known for playing the father in “Full House” and former host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” is writing a book, and apparently, it’s going to be dirty. The book, Saget’s first, will be released in early 2014 through… More ▸

  • The Hebrew Hammer is back to kill Hitler (with your help!)

    Nine years ago, Mordechai Jefferson Carver, better known as “The Hebrew Hammer,” became a modern Jewish hero after saving Chanukah from the evil son of Santa Clause. The low-budget Jewish blaxploitation film — featuring Adam Goldberg as the Hammer, Judy Greer as his love interest Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal, Andy Dick as evil Damian Claus and others —… More ▸

  • Jon Stewart is 50! Let’s celebrate with his best moments

    Fifty years ago today, in the great city of New York, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz was born.
    Later, his family moved to New Jersey and Jonathan switched the spelling of his name to Jon Stewart, and moved from studying chemistry in The College of William & Mary to pursuing a career in comedy. As we celebrate the golden jubilee of the man behind “The Daily Show,” we look at the best moments of his career, and believe it or not, there were many of them before he took over the desk in the Midtown Manhattan studios.
    One of Stewart’s first ever TV gigs was at the “Caroline’s Comedy Hour”
    The famous comedy venue “Caroline’s” had its own show on A&E, and Stewart was one of the show’s writers. You can even see him (not hear him though) in this sketch from 1990, as Colin Quinn and his mullet are trying to figure out who wrote a certain sketch (also in that sketch, a very young Louis C.K.). More ▸

  • Paul Rudd’s Top 10 Thoughts when an audience member threw up during his Broadway show

    Paul Rudd’s new Broadway show “Grace” received a pretty disgusting feedback during last week’s performance, when an audience member sitting at the balcony threw up on the orchestra theatergoers. The audience member, reportedly drunk, “fell forward so that he was leaning/hanging over the balcony,” audience member Gabe Alfassy told New York magazine. “As people were trying to get… More ▸

  • A Larry David Thanksgiving

    Larry David published an animated video on “Funny or Die” about how his Thanksgiving was growing up in Brooklyn. The result: well, exactly how you would expect a Larry David Thanksgiving to be. Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special from Larry David         More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman and Conan corrupt innocent babies (VIDEO)

    Last week, comedian Sarah Silverman visited Conan O’Brien and somewhat embarrassed the ginger late night host with a serious of R-rated topics. Silverman’s mission was to show that it is okay to discuss lady parts, and she did it, of course, in her “special” ways. After taking a photo of Conan’s lips with her iPhone,… More ▸