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  • Ashton Kutcher jumps over an incredibly low bar

    Another day, another inappropriate reference to the Holocaust. Mere days after Kanye West unfavorably compared himself to Hitler, the crew of CBS’ Two and a Half Men has also dropped the “H” bomb (though not an actual H bomb since that would’ve probably grabbed a few more non-gossip blog headlines). According to E! Online (and… More ▸

  • Yo Kanye, Imma let you finish, but people compared themselves to Hitler way before you did.

    …and they were better at it too.
    So Kanye West’s opened his mouth. Again.
    The successful yet controversial rapper said this weekend that people look at him like he’s Hitler. That’s right.
    While the honorable Mr. West enjoys being so innovative and cutting edge, he would be disappointed to find out that the whole Hitler comparison thing has been happening since the early days of the Nazi rise to power.
    The difference? The other comparisons were funny.
    Now I’m not saying that every Hitler comparison should be funny, it shouldn’t. But for Godwin’s sake Kanye, stop being such an egotistical douche.
    So for future reference, if you ever want to compare yourself to Adolf Hitler, you should at least attempt to do it like this: More ▸

  • Kanye West compares himself to Hitler

    This weekend while performing at the Big Chill music festival in England, Kanye West, who usually suffers in silence,  finally spoke up about the persecution he routinely endures.
    “I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m (expletive) insane, like I’m Hitler,” he said.
    Um, Kanye, generally people don’t voluntarily compare themselves to Hitler. It’s a designation usually bestowed unwillingly and inappropriately. It should not be assumed as some sort of mantle of oppression.
    And Kanye — having people think you’re crazy when you’re walking down the street with unflattering facial hair growth doesn’t make you similar to Hitler. Unless, of course, you’re goosestepping as you do it.
    Here is a short list of people who are crazy yet not similar to Hitler. More ▸