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  • Isaac Mizrahi on being bullied

    Everyone is talking about bullies. With the new documentary “Bully” not only in theaters but also campaigning for a rating change to reach a wider audience, it seems like bullies are all the rage (and not in a good way). Marlo Thomas recently spoke with designer and fashion mogul Isaac Mizrahi on her show “Mondays… More ▸

  • Mayim Bialik marks bat mitzvah anniversary

    Actress Mayim Bialik spoke Sunday at the National Museum of American Jewish History, marking the 90th anniversary of the first bat mitzvah ceremony in the United States. Bialik, who noted that she was the first woman in her family to become a bat mitzvah, said the ceremony offers “the means by which we as women… More ▸

  • Brangelina at the U.S. Holocaust Museum

    On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., Brad Pitt and  Angelina Jolie decided to swing by the United States Holocaust Museum to promote Angelina’s directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” They specifically went to tour the “From Memory to Action” exhibition on genocide, which includes the massacre in Srebrenica featured in her… More ▸

  • Beit Shemesh women start a flash mob

    Now remember kids: when faced with rampant gender discrimination, threatening the safety of you and your children, always turn to Queen. ALWAYS. On Friday, January 6, about 250 women from the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh gathered in the city square for a flash mob. The dance, set to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” was… More ▸

  • Mayim Bialik and the Maccabeats bring some holiday cheer

    Although I will forever view her as my favorite 90s sitcom star, Mayim Bialik has become the Jewish force to reckon with. Not only is she a neuroscientist, a journalist, and a star of a hit television show, but she is also a very nice lady. Bialik recently teamed up with Jewish singing sensation The Maccabeats to raise money for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. The Maccabeats are hoping to raise $80,000 by the end of Chanukah for the organization with Bialik’s help and support. For every $18+ donation, the donor will receive a gift. The gifts start small, with things like free mp3s, and build up to bigger things like an autographed photo of Mayim Bialik. All donors are entered in a lottery to win one of six grand prizes, which includes a guest spot in the new Maccabeats video, Big Bang memorabilia, a phone call from Mayim, or having lunch with the Maccabeats. More ▸

  • Gwyneth Paltrow on GQ’s list of “Least Influential People of 2011”

    After decades of lurking in the shadows of blond diablerie, frizzy-haired Jewish girls are finally getting much needed validation. GQ recently released their list of “Least Influential People of 2011”, and seeing Gwyneth Paltrow’s name on that list stirred up deep feelings of smugness. While I definitely did not agree with all nominees (calling Obama… More ▸

  • Ethan Zohn reveals his cancer is back, still going to run the NYC Marathon

    Sad news coming from Survivor winner Ethan Zohn. The reality winner announced yesterday that he is once again battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a disease he was first diagnosed as having in 2008. Zohn was in remission after receiving a stem cell transplant. Zohn seems to be taking the news in stride. “It’s localized in my lung area,” he told… More ▸