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  • Political Tidbits: Poll says McCain winning among N.Y. Jews

    Poll shows John McCain with a big lead among Jews in New York. McCain wins big in an unscientific poll of readers. The Miami Herald reports on millions of DVDs of a controversial documentary about radical Islam being distributed via newspapers and direct mail to potential voters in swing states. Bernard Avishai reflects on… More ▸

  • Nevada Jews: Hillary!

    According to CNN’s exit entrance polling, Jews made up about 5% of the Democratic electorate in Nevada – and 67% of them backed Hillary Clinton. That’s better than she did among Catholics and Protestants. Still not sure about the sample size, but CNN felt confident enough to put it up. UPDATE: Well, maybe not. The… More ▸

  • Berkley backing Hillary

    When I saw U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley at the ZOA dinner in November, she repeated her line that as a co-chair of the Nevada caucuses, she would not be making an endorsement in the Democratic race. Well, things change. Last week the Clinton campaign announced that Berkley was on board: “We’re thrilled to have the… More ▸

  • Why is Nevada caucusing on Shabbos?

    Nevada Democrats and Republicans will start their caucuses this Saturday morning – before synagogue goers reach adon olam, let alone the kiddush. Absentee voting is not allowed. The Jewish Council for Public Affairs wants to know: What gives? More ▸