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pop culture

  • High Holy Dazed

    The Jewish Channel is producing a VH1-style series about the High Holidays. You know the drill – a bunch of media types whose names you sort of recognize talk smack about something. Yeah, I don’t watch them either. Anyway, there are a coupla clips on their site. I’ve watched them all (yes, my job rules)… More ▸

  • Eli Valley does superheroes

    Click here (and magnify, unless you have X-Ray vision) to view artist Eli Valley’s review – in comic strip form – of “Jews and American Comics: An Illustrated History of an American Art Form,” edited by Paul Buhle. He usually works his super powers over at Jewcy, but in this case he’s saving the day… More ▸

  • Why Kabbalah?

    Writing in the New York Sun, Lenore Skenazy uses the A-Rod-Madonna story to tackle the question of why celebrities are attracted to Jewish mysticism: It happened to Madonna, it’s happening to A-Rod, and for a while it even happened to Britney. One reaches the pinnacle of fame, fortune, and truly fabulous muscle tone, and what’s… More ▸

  • Jon Voight on his commitment to Jews and Israel

    Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak with Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight who is in Israel for the state’s 60th anniversary festivities. While here, Voight joined Chabad-Lubavitch in welcoming children evacuated from the devastated Chernobyl region of the Former Soviet Union to Israel. I spoke to Mr. Voight about his relationship to… More ▸

  • Anna Nicole found comfort in Jewish ritual

    According to ContactMusic, late Playboy pinup and B-movie starlet Anna Nicole Smith embraced Jewish mourning rites after her son Daniel died from a drug overdose in 2006. In a new book called Anna Nicole Smith: Portrait Of An Icon, the tragic star’s stylist pals Pol Atteu and Patrik Simpson reveal the actress found great comfort… More ▸

  • The News Shticker

    Jewschool’s Ben Dreyfus posits that Haftarat Zachor + Megillat Esther = The Lord of the Rings (and wonders which is totally plagiarized). What, if anything, does it mean that the comic book industry was so heavily populated by Jews (and, while the Forward is on the topic, Mister E lights the menorah). With the NCAA… More ▸

  • The News Shticker: Jewno, Britney & Mel

    If Juno were Jewno … (Jewschool has more on the story behind the video) Britney removes her Kabbalah tattoo and … does lunch with Mel Gibson. On Shabbos!!! Before the deadly construction accident last weekend, a Jewish octogenarian and retired contractor tried to warn New York officials that a crane on E. 51 St. wasn’t… More ▸