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  • 10 TV Jewish couples we love

    There aren’t that many Jewish couples out there. On television, that is.
    Sure, there are plenty of mixed marriages, as there are in real life, but the small screen doesn’t usually feature a couple where both members are Jews.
    But we were able to come up with 10 of our favorites in honor of Valentine’s Day after racking our pop culture-loving brains (and searching the internet).
    Here they are:
    1. The “retired and moved to Boca” couple – Helen and Mordy Seinfeld (“Seinfeld”)

    They love each other but fight all time. They wonder why you never call them (or Uncle Leo) and invite themselves over. Mordy (Barney Martin) always complains and yells about everything he doesn’t like, and Helen (Liz Sharidan) yells back at him but always has his back. The Seinfelds are the thick-skinned, proud and caring couple who somehow get along in a faraway land called Florida. More ▸

  • 10 TV Jewish Mothers We Love (or Hate)


    A Mother’s Day special! Because if you’ll put all of them in a blender and add some guilt, you’ll get your mom! And you love your mom, don’t you? Well it wouldn’t hurt you to say it more often.
    1. Sylvia Fine (“The Nanny”)

    In a show that turned an eccentric Flushing-Jewish stereotype into an art form, Sylvia Fine, portrayed by Renée Taylor, was the queen. Constantly visiting the princess, Fran, and the Queen-mother, Yetta, Sylvia Fine (née Rosenberg) was a New York Jewish mother in a nutshell – overbearing, loud, hungry and mostly dominant.  Oh, and loud too.

      More ▸

  • South Park is back tonight!

    The blog’s favorite show is going on its 16th season(!) with the season premiere episode titled “Reverse Cowgirl,” and for that special occasion we decided to  give you another opportunity to read the 8 most memorable Jewish moments on South Park we posted on the blog for the return of the second half season 15 (which… More ▸

  • Marc Jacobs designs special South Park t-shirts

    The romance between fashion designer Marc Jacobs and “South Park” just reached a new high today when Jacobs officially released a series of three special t-shirts featuring naked characters of the popular animated show as part of his Protect the Skin You’re In campaign. The three characters chosen to appear on the t-shirts are Eric Cartman, Randy… More ▸

  • South Park shows no mercy for Penn State

    Last night’s season finale of South Park dealt, as usual, with a current event. This time it was the Penn State scandal. And no, Matt Stone and Trey Parker showed no limits or restraints, even when dealing with young boys being sexually harassed by a former football coach. The scandal already has led to three arrests, the… More ▸

  • 5 years after, Church of Scientology is still not over South Park episode

    Remember that South Park episode about Scientology? Where Tom Cruise and John Travolta wouldn’t “come out of the closet” and Stan was the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard? According to Mark Rathbun, a former Scientologist, the church’s Office of Special Affairs — which, Rathbun says, is “the harassment and terror network of Corporate Scientology” —… More ▸

  • The 8 most memorable Jewish moments on South Park

    It’s been more than 14 years since South Park first aired on Comedy Central. Yeah, I’m not kidding. It’s been around for that long.
    If back in 1997 most people were shocked due to the phenomenal success of a show that featured amateurish animation and toilet humor, it’s now a lonely source of social and political satire in mainstream media. And going 15-seasons strong, it is still very popular. The main reason: the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker just laugh at everyone. And with Stone being Jewish (though a self-proclaimed atheist), there are a lot of Jewish references. A lot.
    For the return of season 15 on Wednesday I hand-picked the show’s eight most memorable Jewish moments:
    (after the jump) More ▸

  • Book of Mormon to hit the big screen

    The Book of Moron, the Tony-winning musical written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park, has been a mega Broadway hit since its debut earlier this year. It is almost impossible to get tickets (though I was able to go, ha!), and hundreds of people try their luck in the lottery every day…. More ▸

  • Yo Kanye, Imma let you finish, but people compared themselves to Hitler way before you did.

    …and they were better at it too.
    So Kanye West’s opened his mouth. Again.
    The successful yet controversial rapper said this weekend that people look at him like he’s Hitler. That’s right.
    While the honorable Mr. West enjoys being so innovative and cutting edge, he would be disappointed to find out that the whole Hitler comparison thing has been happening since the early days of the Nazi rise to power.
    The difference? The other comparisons were funny.
    Now I’m not saying that every Hitler comparison should be funny, it shouldn’t. But for Godwin’s sake Kanye, stop being such an egotistical douche.
    So for future reference, if you ever want to compare yourself to Adolf Hitler, you should at least attempt to do it like this: More ▸