South Park shows no mercy for Penn State


Mr. Adams enjoys his Penn State jokes

Last night’s season finale of South Park dealt, as usual, with a current event. This time it was the Penn State scandal. And no, Matt Stone and Trey Parker showed no limits or restraints, even when dealing with young boys being sexually harassed by a former football coach.

The scandal already has led to three arrests, the firing of a legendary football coach and a Jewish university president, and an entire university in shock.

But who says it’s no laughing matter? Just ask Mr. Adams, the man who is in charge of placing kids in foster homes, who says:

“Penn State prefers to be losing at half time … because at Penn State … they like when you’re a little behind in the locker room.”

Yikes. If you don’t like dark humor, you better not watch this clip:

And expect South Park to carry own with the shenanigans for at least five more years, Comedy Central announced it will extend the show’s contract until 2016.

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