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Yom Kippur

  • British Group is Using Yom Kippur Day for Campaign Against Kosher Slaughter

    A British vegetarian group is planning to launch a new campaign against kosher slaughter, known as shechita, on Yom Kippur. Emboldened by this summer’s recommendation by the British Farm Animal Welfare Council that all animals in the country be stunned before being slaughtered, Vegetarians International Voice for Animals is relaunching an anti- shechita effort begun… More ▸

  • Yom Kippur War still felt

    As the 30-year-anniversary of the Yom Kippur War approaches, Israelis still discuss the conflict in the hushed, hurtful tones of children robbed of their innocence. More ▸

  • High Holidays Feature a Feast from Jewish Tunisia: It’s a Sensual Dream Come True

    Imagine a Rosh Hashanah table adorned with fruits and vegetables galore. Ruby red pomegranates beckon; their jellied seeds symbolize your good deeds in the coming year. A bowl of crunchy sesame seeds promises that your virtues will be as numerous as sesames seeds themselves. You partake in pumpkins and squash for protection; you nibble on… More ▸

  • Shul torched on Yom Kippur morning

    HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 10 (JTA) – Mel Woolf returned from his daily walk on the morning of YomKippur with deeply troubling news. Temple Ohev Sholom, the synagogue to which the Harrisburg native and his family have belonged foryears, had been torched. A fire, later labeled an arson, had been set in the early hours of… More ▸