Music CD’s title draws security probe



A music CD with a provocative title triggered Israeli suspicions that nuclear secrets were being leaked.

Yasmin Sabah, a 22-year-old Israeli nurse, became the target of an undercover security probe last month after a passer-by saw a music CD in her car with the handwritten title “Jericho IV – Nuclear Upgrade.”

Israel is widely believed to have developed ballistic missiles known as Jerichos, though it is a state secret.

According to Sabah, who came forward with her account this week, two secret service agents posing as car buyers voiced interest in her vehicle and, having arranged a rendezvous, listened to every song on the CD before confiscating it.

Sabah said she was given the CD by a friend and she did not know the origins of the title. Israel’s Defense Ministry confirmed that Sabah had been investigated.

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