RJC leader: I like Sinatra, Palin likes Israel


A top Jewish Republican leader said today that Sarah Palin will help John McCain appeal to Jewish voters because her background reinforces the message that McCain is a “real agent of change.”

Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks told reporters in Minneapolis today that McCain is “not your average ordinary Republican” where “it’s going to be business as usual,” and “Palin amplifies that message.” Noting Palin’s history of “taking on big oil,” he said Republicans would likely emphasize the issue of energy independence to Jewish voters, as well as the foreign policy issues that the GOP has been hammering on for months against Democratic nominee Barack Obama – such as his statement that he would be willing to meet with Iranian leaders.

Brooks also said the discovery that Palin keeps an Israeli flag in her office was “extremely telling” as to her views on Israel.

“You choose to decorate your office with things that are important to you,” said Brooks, adding that he is a big fan of Frank Sinatra and decorates his office with things related to the Chairman of the Board.

Brooks did condemn the “ugly and disgusting” e-mails that have circulated with false rumors about Obama, saying that anything the RJC puts out criticizing the Democratic candidate is on his organization’s letterhead. He added that he was disappointed by the response of Jewish Democrats to his press releases questioning the votes and associations of the Democratic nominee.

“Any kind of substantive debate” brings allegations of “fear and smear,” he said. “It tells me they don’t like the facts.”

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