Political tidbits: Is Palin pushing Jews toward the Dems?

  • The Jerusalem Post speaks to a couple Florida Democrats who say John McCain’s selection of VP nominee Sarah Palin helped push them into the Obama camp.
  • Georgetown University’s Jacques Berlinerblau, writing on the Washington Post’s On Faith blog, asks and answers a number of questions about the Sarah Palin pick’s possible effect on the Jewish vote – and seems to believe the jury’s still out.
  • The Forward examines GOP Jews’ pushback on Palin.
  • Writing in the Forward, David Luchins,a longtime aide to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, argues that Orthodox Jews aren’t shifting their party loyalties to the GOP – there’s simply some “sophisticated ticket-splitting” going on when it comes to the presidential ballot.
  • Which candidate’s values are truly in line with Jewish values? The Jewish Week’s Jonathan Mark explores that question.
  • This Orthodox Jewish blogger argues that Palin’s thrice-repeated refusal to “second guess” Israel illustrates the difference between the candidates on Israel.
  • Why is Barack Obama struggling in the polls? According to Tikkun Community Rabbi Michael Lerner, his “capitulation to AIPAC and the most reactionary elements in the Jewish world” is one reason.
  • The executive director of the Christian Coalition of Florida calls Obama “scary” because of his “Muslim roots,” according to the Miami Herald.
  • Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) tells Chris Matthews he regrets comparing Obama to Jesus, as well as comparing Jesus to a “community organizer.”
  • You’re a Jewish young adult and are having trouble convincing your bubbe to vote for Obama? Jewish Grandchildren for Obama is here to help.

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