Political tidbits: Final count today in Alaska, Lieberman stays put?
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Political tidbits: Final count today in Alaska, Lieberman stays put?

  • Tel Aviv University psychology professor Carlo Strenger on why Jews should celebrate Barack Obama’s election, in Haaretz.
  • Playing the role of "Israeli curmudgeon," Yossi Klein Halevi has some concerns about Barack Obama’s possilbe policies in the Middle East, reports the Canadian Jewish News.
  • Alaska will count 90,000 early, questioned and absentee ballots today, meaning Jewish Democrat Ethan Berkowitz still has a chance (although a small one) to make up his 17,000 vote deficit to incumbent Republian Rep. Don Young.
  • Jimmy Carter says Obama won’t waste any time pursuing Middle East peace talks, in an interview with CNN.
  • Newsweek’s Howard Fineman says Obama has "signaled" he doesn’t want Lieberman to lose his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Commitee, in Talking Points Memo.
  • Meanwhile, John McCain tells Jay Leno he hopes Lieberman keeps his Homeland Security Committee gavel, at Think Progress.
  • The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee wants Rahm Emnauel to "disavow and repudiate" his father’s remarks linking Arabs and "mopping floors at the White House."
  • Which Emanuel brother are you most like? Wonkette has a quiz.
  • "I defend the United States, Israel and the Constitution," Fox News head Roger Ailes tells Vindy.com. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg says he might switch the order of numbers two and three.