Is Facebook a Zionist plot?


Ray Hanania, a Palestinian American comedian, explores the question in a column in The Jerusalem Post:

Why would the Israelis want to control the world when they are having a hard enough time trying to control themselves? Still, it’s a question worth pondering especially in the age of the Internet and the rise of the Zionist conspiracy called "Facebook." Let’s "faceit," Facebook has a very strong Israeli face. Well, that’s if you assume all Jews are Israelis and all Israelis are Jews. The evidence suggests a link.

The founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was born on May 14, 1984. Coincidence? (Hint, Israel’s birthday!) And 1984 – the subject of George Orwell’s book about the battle to control the world! Zuckerberg is from New York, or, little Israel as Osama bin Laden refers to it. He launched Facebook from his dorm room at Harvard, a scholarly institution controlled by, you know who. No! Not Jews. Presbyterians. (Jews think they control the media, the Arabs believe the Jews control the media and the Presbyterians do control the media. And Presbyterians are not sure who they dislike more, Jews or Arabs.)

Palestinians complain they have an extremely difficult time on Facebook. Do they join the Zionist entity and engage in "normalization" or do they go to the Arab alternative, Berqabook?

I HAVE my own tribulations with Facebook. I have been booted from the worldwide entity twice! Coincidence? The first time, I was writing criticism of the Israeli government. The second time, just this past week, I was writing criticism of the Israeli government. (Actually, I always write criticism of the Israeli government, but so what?)…

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