Political Points: Adelsons to Tampa, JVP rabbis speak, Romney’s foreign enigma?


ADELSONS TO TAMPA: Mega-donors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are reportedly planning to be in Tampa.

VOIGHT IN TAMPA: Famed philo-Semite Jon Voight is already in Tampa.

EVANGELICALS’ ISSUES: The Faith and Freedom Coalition rallies in Tampa.


JVP RABBIS RESPOND: Two rabbis affiliated with Jewish Voice for Peace respond to Republican calls for them to be removed from the "Rabbis for Obama" list.

ROMNEY’S FOREIGN ‘ENIGMA’: David Ignatius asks whether Mitt Romney is a neocon idealist or a closet realist.

OBAMA’S  JEWISH PROBLEM: Abby Wisse Schachter argues that Democrats have good reason to worry about the Jewish vote.

JEWISH VOTERS’ LOYALTIES: Leonard Fein praises what he calls American Jews’ "obstinate fealty to traditional liberal verities."

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