Portman ad pulled, Apatow to edit ‘vogue’s comedy, Sarah Silverman finally responds


NEW YORK (6NoBacon) — Apparently some British costumers are unhappy with Dior’s “Show New Look Mascara” — and the company’s Natalie Portman-centered advertising campaign is in the cross fire. Someone filed a complaint accusing Dior of airbrushing the Portman ad, saying the tactic misleadingly enhances the effects of the mascara. According to the company, its product “thickens, separates and extends the lashes for an infinitely multiple lash effect.” But, according to Huffington Post, the mascara has been receiving pretty lousy reviews. Dior, as a result, agreed to immediately withdraw the ad, and in the process eliminate any discussion and investigation over digital enhancement of Portman’s photo.

Sarah Silverman finally responds

Several weeks have passed since Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt wrote an open letter in The Jewish Press to Sarah Silverman in which he blamed her provocative brand of comedy for the fact that she is not married and doesn’t have kids. Silverman’s dad already made news by firing back in the article’s comments section. But now we’ve finally heard from the foul-mouthed comic herself, during an appearance on “The Tonight Show.” It turns out that she’s taking the whole thing in stride, and thinks dad is doing alright, too. “He’s so horrified to now be famous,” Silverman said. “Just kidding: He loves it.” She added: “He acted mad, but it was definitely an opportunity for him to brag about all of his girls,” including her sister the rabbi and her sister’s daughter, who now serves in the IDF.

Madonna superfan prayed at the Wall for a song

Billy Eichner is known for his ridiculously flamboyant humor and his unconditional affection (as in, creepy-stalkerish love) for Madonna.

Eichner is also a field reporter for Conan O’Brien’s show — and in that job he has followed Madonna to different tour locations, including Tel Aviv. This week, he was sent by Conan to ask New Yorkers about the upcoming elections but quickly switched to questions about Madonna, since she was performing in Yankee Stadium.

By the end, he finally met her, and even told her that when he was in Tel Aviv for her tour’s opening concert. Beforehand, he slipped a note into the Western Wall, asking that she perform “Vogue.”

Apatow to guest-edit Vanity Fair

Good news, comedy lovers! Judd Apatow, the man behind “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Superbad,” “Bridesmaids” and many other hit movies will serve as the guest editor for the first ever “comedy issue” of Vanity Fair magazine.

“I proposed the idea of editing a comedy issue,” Apatow says. “I didn’t think [editor] Graydon [Carter] would say yes, and then I didn’t think it would be that much work. And then I found out I don’t get paid. I’m a gigantic fan of Vanity Fair and having the opportunity to collaborate on an issue that focuses on comedy has been fantastic.”

The special edition will be released in New York and Los Angeles on Dec. 5 and the rest of the country on Dec. 12.

Williams and Segel move in together

Hollywood’s most adorable couple just took a major step forward. Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have been dating since the beginning of the year, and now they have decided to move into a Brooklyn loft together, along with Williams’ 5-year-old daughter, Matilda, according to the Daily Mail.

Segel, the “How I Met Your Mother” star, sounds like he is ready to step up for Williams and Matilda (whose father is the late actor Heath Ledger). “I don’t want to have a girlfriend for the sake of having a girlfriend. I have no desire to pick a random girl,” Segel told Parade in March. “I want the right girl. There are plenty of opportunities, but I would rather have the right one.”

Daniel Radcliffe envy

Here’s another reason to be jealous of Daniel Radcliffe: After playing Harry Potter on screen, starring in his own musical and portraying Allen Ginsberg, it appears that DanRad has made himself quite the fortune. The British magazine “Heat” reports that Radcliffe is U.K.’s wealthiest young star, with $85.3 million. It’s good to be the wizard.

Kunis denies baby bump

Last week, Mila Kunis and boyfriend Ashton Kutcher went to grab a cup of coffee. No big thing in the world of tabloids. But… Kunis’ loose strip shirt made her look like she could possibly be in the early stages of pregnancy. The Daily Mail jumped on the story, followed by Radar Online, which reported: “The pint-sized star was snapped on Saturday sporting what looked like a decidedly rounder midriff while taking a stroll with her boyfriend, 34, in Los Angeles, CA.”

Relax, it’s not true. RadarOnline examined different angles of shots taken of the couple from that day and determined that the “Sexiest Woman Alive” is not expecting.

In addition, Kunis’ PR rep assured the website that she is not pregnant.

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