Israeli Embassy’s Trailer for Obama’s Visit To Israel: A Closer Look

If you haven’t heard yet, President Obama is in the Mideast this week. But that’s not the really big news story surrounding the visit. More noteworthy than the turmoil in the region, the stagnant peace process, and the history of tension between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we finally get to see the long awaited-trailer, of Obama’s visit to Israel, courtesy the Israeli Embassy! That’s right: a trailer:

We are as confused as you are by this video. Who does trailers for political trip? Was this made by a bunch of sixth graders? Here’s how the video breaks down, scene by scene:

Scene #1: We watch Air Force One fly to Israel, the only blue country in a mass of brown countries — which is how maps work, by the way.

Scene #2: The plane has landed, safely, and now Obama and Netanyahu, with comically sized heads, stand on a podium exchanging pleasantries. Diplomacy! Politics! Obama reinforces America’s commitment to Israel, Netanyahu flashes a stupid grin and the video starts to feel a bit creepy. Then a close-up of the two leaders shaking hands, with Netanyahu’s looking a bit geriatric.


Scene #3: A picture of the handshake immediately ends up on a newspaper cover with the headline, “Bibi, Obama: US-Israel Relations STRONGER THAN EVER But What’s Up Behind the Scenes??” Obviously, headlines these days are written by young girls texting their BFFs.

Scene #4 So, nu, what is actually happening behind the scenes? If you guessed that Bibi and Obama would then retire to the prime minister’s library, read and then simultaneously drop newspapers — you guessed right! Congrats!
Then, queue the music to “The Golden Girls” as the characters high-five and then shake hands for a curiously long time. If you expected something a little more risque from these diplomats alone in the library listening to “The Golden Girls,” sorry to disappoint.

What were the makers of this video thinking? Was it supposed to be campy? Ironic? Is there some sort of subversive message? The Israeli Embassy says this is the Israeli perspective on the U.S.-Israel alliance. Either way, enjoy!

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