Watch the new Maccabee Beer ad featuring the ‘Old Spice’ guy


Israeli beer connoisseurs know that there are two major Israeli beers – Goldstar and Maccabbee. Although local craft beers have been emerging, many bars just offer Goldstar, the affordable delicious lager.

However, Goldstar’s little brother Maccabee has quite the reputation of being, um, not as good.

Until today.

The Maccabee Beer honchos (who also produce Goldstar, but that’s beside the point), decided that instead of making the flavor better, they will just convince the Israeli drinker that Maccabee is a great bear by using a lot of big words and attractive images.

The man chosen to head the campaign? Isaiah Mustafa. You know him as “The Man Your Man Should Smell Like” from the popular “Old Spice” ads. He is apparently the president and he keeps saying “Maccabee Maccabee Good Good”

Watch the final product here:

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